February 14th, 2018/ Hundreds of Hariri’s Future Movement’s followers came together at Biel (Beirut) to commemorate Rafic Hariri’s death, 13 years ago. Among the assembly was his son, PM Saad Hariri, who held a speech dripping with anti-Hezbollah rhetoric. Rafic Hariri was killed in a massive car blast which took 21 other lives in 2005, and created a new order in Lebanese politics. Many accused either Syria or it’s ally, the Hezbollah, of having organized the assassination, demanded the retreat of Hafez el-Assad’s troops from Lebanon, and called for progressive values: the tenants of this side are still called the “14 March”, since they held a massive demonstration on March 14, 2005. Their political opponents are pro-Syrian or pro-Hezbollah, and are referred to as “8 March”.

These photos were submitted to and published by l’Orient – Le Jour:

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