Récit: Gilets Jaunes, Acte III

Paris, 8 décembre 2018. 10 000 manifestants font face à 10 000 policiers bien équipés. Des cortèges souvent paisibles se retrouvent bloqués, nassés et chargés par les forces de l’ordre, qui les font zigzaguer à travers la capitale. 11h- Les Grands Boulevards Alors que le cortège s’avance (paisiblement) avec des revendications diverses de la gare […]

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Flags, Smoke and Alcohol: The 2018 World Cup Finale in Antibes

July 15, 2018, Antibes, France. Hundreds gather to celebrate France’s victory against Croatia (4-2) at the soccer Fifa World Cup 2018. This photo series illustrates this day’s atmosphere- one of exuberant patriotism, red smoke, flowing beer, cheering people. The pictures start with the most iconic and end with the most absurd.

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2017-2018: One (very) political year in Lebanon

This portfolio was put together for the admission exam of the F/16 Schule für Fotografie (Berlin) in June, 2018. PART I- The context Beit Beirut, Stories from the Civil War A Country Surrounded by War Hezbollah’s Foreign Policy Trump, Lebanon and the Palestinians PART II- The major events The Return of Hariri (November 22nd, 2018) […]

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Photo-essay: PM Hariri’s comeback to Lebanon (November 2017)

On November 22d, 2017, Lebanon’s Independence Day, Saad Hariri, Lebanese Prime minister, returned to Beirut after two weeks of confinement in Saudi Arabia, where it was feared that he would be evicted by the crown prince Mohammed bin Salmane. Supporters of his “Future” party came from all Lebanon to celebrate and cheer as he gave […]

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